e-rock (majisto) wrote in terryhall,

this community's been awful dead

but here's some neat stuff: 

Terry Hall performing with the Dub Pistols singing "Gangsters" (his first time singing a Specials tune since who knows when)

Dub Pistols doing "Problem Is" live with the Dub Pistols

Terry with one of the guys from the Dub Pistols doing an interview on XFM

Say what you will about Sinead O'Connor, but this is really a beautiful pop song - "All Kinds of Everything"

Yet another of Terry's one-off side projects, the video for Terry, Blair & Anouchka - "Missing"

Same group, title track from their album, "Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme"

Terry, Blair & Anouchka on The Jameson Tonight Show

The Colourfied - "Thinking of You" (one of his best)

Tricky - "Poems" (fine example of how much better of a vocalist he's become over the years)

There's a lot more out there on YouTube, poke around for guest appearances in videos by No Doubt, The Ordinary Boys, etc
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